Citing and publishing

Correct citation ensures that quotations from Federal Archives documents can be traced without difficulty. Anyone wishing to publish reproductions of Federal Archives documents must comply with the rules of the Federal Archives.

Dossiers of the Federal Archives are cited as follows. For example:

Swiss Federal Archives, E4#1000/781#6*, Az. 2.1, BG vom 23.12.1908 betr. die Organisation des EDI, 1908–1909

The complete dossier reference code consists of the following elements:

  • Institution: Swiss Federal Archives
  • Sub-fonds: E4
  • Acquisition number: 1000/781
  • Sequential dossier number: 6
  • File reference: Az. 2.1
  • Dossier title: BG vom 23.12.1908 betr. die Organisation des EDI
  • Period: 1908–1909

Publishing documents

Reproductions of documents from the fonds of the Federal Archives may be published subject to the following conditions:

  • The documents are not subject to a closure period under Art. 9, 11 or 12 ArchA or you have an approriate authorisation.
  • Copyright restrictions are complied with. Responsibility for compliance lies with the archive users publishing the documents.
  • The provisions on personal rights and data protection are complied with (cf. Art. 10, para. 2 letter d. ArchO).
  • The documents are cited correctly.
  • A specimen copy of the publication is supplied to the Federal Archives.

A written application must be submitted to the Federal Archives before documents are used for commercial purposes. Please send us an e-mail.

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