Conditions of use

The Federal Archives conditions of use govern the use of archive records – whether they are in digital form or consulted in the reading room. They apply to all users.

Articles 9 to 16 of the Federal Act on Archiving (ArchA) of 26 June 1998 (SR 152.1) govern access to archive records.

Articles 10 to 19 of the Ordinance to the ArchA (ArchO) of 8 September 1999 (SR 152.11) set out specific details relating to those provisions of the Act.

By using archive records in the Federal Archives, you agree to the following:

  1. I accept the Regulations on the Use of the Swiss Federal Archives (PDF, 70 kB, 06.03.2008) (german) and undertake to comply with all the provisions thereof, irrespective of whether I receive the archive records I have ordered in the form of a copy (either electronically or by post), or consult them in the Swiss Federal Archives.
  2. I undertake only to analyse dossiers that are freely accessible or which I have received authorisation to view.
  3. In the event of analysis or publication, I undertake to comply with any conditions imposed in any authorisations to view records that have been granted to me.
  4. I undertake to safeguard the individual rights of any persons named in archive records. I undertake to comply with the data protection regulations set out in the Federal Act on Data Protection (FADP; SR 235.1).
  5. I acknowledge the Ordinance of the FDHA on the Fees of the Swiss Federal Archives (SFA Fees Ordinance; SR 172.041.15) (PDF, 10 kB, 28.02.2006) (in German) and accept that I may be charged fees for reproduction or analysis orders.
  6. No commercial use of archive records, including reproductions, is permitted without the express written consent of the Swiss Federal Archives.
  7. When using the WLAN of the Swiss Federal Archives, I accept as binding the BAR-WLAN Conditions of Use (PDF, 73 kB, 14.03.2013).

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