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The Swiss Federal Archives mainly hold paper-based documents. However, the fonds also contain numerous audio-visual records and digital data carriers that have only recently found their way into the archives. The Federal Archives hold photos, films, videos, sound material and plans in both analogue and digital format.

Generally speaking, audio-visual records can be found in any of the fonds held by the Federal Archives. However, they are not always expressly listed as such in the various directories. In some cases, the type of media is stated in the titles of the series and dossiers. To carry out a targeted search, the German or French words for photo, sound, film or video should be used. The German words are "Foto", "Ton", "Film" or "Video" and the French words are "photographie", "son", "film" or "vidéo". For audio-visual records that are listed as such, it will suffice to enter the keywords "Photo", "Sound", "Film" or "Video" or in the "Form" search field.

Note: persons who publish audio-visual records held by the Federal Archives or who wish to use them for commercial purposes require a permit.

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