"Vagabond children" – access to files and note of objection

Generally speaking, only those immediately concerned have access to the fonds of the "Relief organisation for vagabond children" and "Seraphisches Liebeswerk Solothurn" held by the Swiss Federal Archives. Furthermore, they have an option to have their respective files corrected.

Access to the documents on the "vagabond children"

An agreement concluded between the Federal Department of Home Affairs (FDHA) and the cantons regulates which persons may view the files of welfare foundation Pro Juventute's "Relief organisation for vagabond children". Corresponding regulations for documents of the "Seraphisches Liebeswerk Solothurn" are defined in a transfer agreement. In accordance with these regulations, people who are directly concerned may access those files in the fonds of the Swiss Federal Archives that relate to them.

In accordance with the agreements referenced in the preceding, third parties are banned from viewing the files for a period of 100 years. Additionally, these documents cannot be researched online or on site. The FDHA is authorised to approve exceptions for the purpose of academic research with the consent of the representatives of those concerned. Corresponding written applications should be submitted to the Federal Archives.

An extended period of protection of 100 years also applies to the files of the Files Committee on Vagabond Children (1928-1993) (see Appendix 3 of the Ordinance to the Federal Act on Archiving, SR 152.11).

File correction

Persons directly concerned can add a corrective note to the file. These corrections are known as notes of objection: any person who learns that archived documents contain information relating to her/him that she/he considers to be incorrect can submit a note of objection (Art. 21 VBGA, SR 152.11). The person concerned can exercise the right personally or delegate it to a third party.


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