The Federal Archives have published a number of inventories. These are useful search tools for exploring a topic (censorship during the Second World War, military history, refugee dossiers, etc.) or a specific fonds (Fonds BO* - Central Archives of the Helvetic Republic, Fonds E2* - Foreign affairs, Fonds J1.108* - Private archives of Federal Councillor Rudolf Minger, etc.) in greater depth, and provide a synthetic and systematic overview of the fonds concerned.


Collection of copies

A large number of copies of sources from foreign archives, most relating to pre-1798 history.

Die Abschriftensammlung des Bundesarchivs (PDF, 141 MB, 05.12.2017)

Zentralarchiv der Helvetischen Republik

Central Archives of the Helvetic Republic

Documents of the legislature, executive and ministries from the period of the Helvetic Republic (1798–1803).

Das Zentralarchiv der Helvetischen Republik 1798–1803 BD 1 (PDF, 85 MB, 03.02.2021)Das Zentralarchiv der Helvetischen Republik 1798–1803 BD 2 (PDF, 86 MB, 03.02.2021)

Archiv der Meditationszeit

Archive of the Mediation Period

Following the collapse of the Helvetic Republic, Napoleon restructured Switzerland as a confederation. The archive of this Mediation Period covers the years 1803 to 1813.

Das Archiv der Meditationszeit 1803-1813 (PDF, 38 MB, 03.02.2021)

Das Archiv der Tagsatzungsperiode

Archive of the “Tagsatzung” Period

In autumn 1813 French rule in Switzerland came to an end, having endured since 1798. The period that followed, known as the “Tagsatzung” Period (1814–1848), is documented in this archive.

Das Archiv der Tagsatzungsperiode 1814-1848 (PDF, 84 MB, 03.02.2021)

Auswärtige Angelegenheiten

Fonds E2, Foreign Affairs

Metadata and context information for research into Switzerland’s foreign relations from 1848 to 1895.

Bestand E2, Auswärtige Angelegenheiten 1848-1895 (PDF, 134 MB, 03.02.2021)

Eidgenössisches Politisches Departement

E 2001 (A), Federal Political Department

Metadata and context information for research into Switzerland’s foreign relations from 1869 to 1918.

Bestand E2001 (A), Eidgnössisches Politisches Departement 1869-1918 (PDF, 127 MB, 04.02.2021)

Zensurakten aus der Zeit des Zweiten Weltkriegs

Censorship files from the Second World War

Inventory and commentary on fonds E4450 “Presse und Funkspruch 1939–1945” (Press and Radio 1939–1945).

Zensurakten aus der Zeit des Zweiten Weltkrieges (PDF, 67 MB, 03.02.2021)

Nachlass von Bundesrat Rudolf Minger

Personal papers of Federal Councillor Rudolf Minger

Private archive on the life and work of the Bernese and federal parliamentarian, Federal Councillor and former Federal Councillor.

Der Nachlass von Rudolf Minger (1881–1955) (PDF, 6 MB, 03.02.2021)

Akten zu Lateinamerika

Files on Latin America

Selection of documents from the former Federal Political Department and the present-day Federal Department of Foreign Affairs from the years 1896–1965.

Akten zu Lateinamerika, Übersicht über den Bestand E2001 (1896-1965) (PDF, 7 MB, 03.02.2021)


Refugee files

Offers a thematic overview covering the years 1930 to 1950 of fonds in the Federal Archives (vol. 1) and the archives of the cantons and the Liechtenstein National Archives (vol. 2).

Flüchtlingsakten 1930–1950 BD1 (PDF, 864 kB, 03.02.2021)Flüchtlingsakten 1930–1950 BD2 (PDF, 1 MB, 03.02.2021)

Schweiz – Naher Osten

Switzerland – Middle East

Sources and documentation of extensive fonds on Switzerland’s foreign and foreign trade policy in the Middle East from the post-war period to the 1990s.

Schweiz-Naher Osten von der Nachkriegszeit bis zu den 1990er-Jahren (PDF, 24 MB, 03.02.2021)

Schweiz – Südafrika

Switzerland – South Africa

Overview of foreign policy, foreign trade and military documents on Switzerland’s relations with South Africa during apartheid.

Schweiz-Südafrika 1948-1994 (PDF, 18 MB, 03.02.2021)

Schweizerische Zivilluftfahrt

Swiss civil aviation

1910 to 1994 – From flying machine to jet aeroplane.

Die schweizerische Zivilluftfahrt 1910-1994 (PDF, 51 MB, 03.02.2021)

Gouvernementale Aussenpolitik

Government foreign policy

Overview of the fonds on foreign policy: international treaties, decisions of the Federal Council and case studies.

Gouvernementale Aussenpolitik (PDF, 9 MB, 03.02.2021)

Werkstatt Bundesverfassung

The Federal Constitution – a work in progress

Deals with the origins and development of the Federal Constitution and central issues of Swiss. 

Werkstatt Bundesverfassung (PDF, 21 MB, 03.02.2021)

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