Federal Directory updates now online

Federal Directory updates now online

The Federal Directory has published the
most important information about the Federal Administration every year since 1849. Issued by the Federal Chancellery, this reference work contains, among other things, the names of members of the Federal Assembly as well as
organisational charts of the departments. The Federal Directory covering the years 2002 to 2021 are now available online on our Amtsdruckschriften website.

Online access: 1.4 million more dossiers now searchable

Online access: 1.4 million more dossiers now searchable

Artificial intelligence is now being used to automatically anonymise sensitive metadata
(e.g. names in dossier titles) and make them available online on the web portal for the first time. If users do not have the requisite authorisation, the data will be redacted. For more information, see Searching.

Federal Council minutes

Handwritten Federal Council minutes from 1848 onwards online

The minutes of the Federal Council from 1848 to 1963 are now online with extra features.

The handwritten minutes for the years 1848 to 1903 are now available for the first time with text recognition. In total, the “Minutes of the Federal Council (1848–1963)” page provides access to over 14,500 sets of minutes.

Visiting the reading room: reservations required

Please register your visit by sending an e-mail to bestellung@bar.admin.ch or calling 058 462 89 87 between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. (Mon–Fri). If you do not have a reservation, we will be unable to guarantee you a workstation.

Online access

Online access

The Federal Archives online – any time, anywhere.

Research tips

This section contains information on the wide range of search options and practical information.


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Digital documents

Digital archiving in the Federal Archives ensures that the actions of government remain transparent in the digital age.

Project Online access

In future you will be able to consult every dossier from the Federal Archives online, with analogue dossiers being digitised to order.

Administrative history

The Federal Archives research the history of the federal administration since 1918.

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Federal Archives online

The documents from the Federal Archives are available online. Watch the video to see how online access works.

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