New additions to the Alptransit portal


New additions to the Alptransit portal

17 September 2018 - From today, the Alptransit portal includes texts, photos and documents on 14 new topics related to the New Rail Link through the Alps (NRLA).

We hope you enjoy exploring them!

Online access to the Federal Archives

Online access to the Federal Archives

10.09.2018 - The Swiss Federal Archives are working on a project to provide online access to archival records. It will allow you to use the full range of resources wherever and whenever you want. Information about the project is now available on the website. You can also sign up to receive a newsletter.

SIARD Suite open source


SIARD Suite is now open source

01.05.2018 - Version 2.0 of SIARD Suite, the software developed by the Federal Archives for archiving relational databases, is now available as open source. The full source text (CDDL License) is published on Github.
Download SIARD Suite

Federal Administration datasets

Bild OGD-Inventar

Federal Administration datasets

The Federal Archives have compiled an inventory of Federal Administration datasets. Some of those listed are already available for download at, but the inventory also includes data that are previously unpublished or have been published elsewhere, and so provides a complete overview. An initial version, to which further material will be added, is now available at



The Federal Archives document over 200 years of Swiss history. This section contains information on the wide range of search options and practical information.


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Digital documents

Digital archiving in the Federal Archives ensures that the actions of government remain transparent in the digital age.


A complete overview of the services provided by the Federal Archives. Plus: guided tours of the Archives and support with Archives Portal Europe.

Administrative history

The Federal Archives research the history of the federal administration since 1918.

More from the Federal Archives

Important links

Federal Archives online

Within a few years, we aim to make all documents from the Federal Archives available online. Watch the video to see how online access will work.

The Federal Archives on Twitter