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In future you will be able to consult every dossier from the Federal Archives online, with analogue dossiers being digitised to order. The Federal Archives are implementing this vision in two projects: one for the web portal and one for the digitisation infrastructure. This page includes a timetable and project news.

The Federal Archives online – any time, anywhere

The Swiss Federal Archives are working on a project that will allow you to access the full range of archival services online, wherever and whenever you want. You will be able to receive information, carry out research, read documents, place digitisation orders, submit requests to consult records and view dossiers (both analogue and digital) online. In the medium term, visits to the reading room will no longer be necessary.

For the general public: The Federal Archives provides a comprehensive online access service featuring expanded search options that also works on mobile devices.

For the administration: Thanks to improved rights management, submitting authorities will have easier access to their own

The projects 

Online access to the Federal Archives is being developed via two projects: one for the web portal and one for the
infrastructure used to digitise analogue dossiers when they are ordered.

It is being implemented in two stages. By the time the web portal goes live in 2019, the Federal Archives expect to be able to deliver some orders in digital form. The reading room will remain available. By 2021 the capacity of the digitisation infrastructure will be increased to allow all orders to be delivered digitally. At the same time, on-site facilities will be progressively scaled back. The Federal Archives’ services will be available online everywhere and at all times.


End of 2018 Completion of development work on the web portal
August 2019 Access for individual pilot users
25.11.2019 Online access to the Federal Archives available to all users
2021 Finalisation of the digitisation infrastructure
Planning status: 31.03.2020

Project news

21.09.2020 Prototype data challenge The Federal Archives’ data challenge encouraged those with a creative mindset to use the search API and experiment with the metadata. Three prototypes emerged:

Bild Data Challenge

GEO UNPLUGGED visualises search results on a map of the world.

The visual platform Mímir can be used to navigate from main department to document in the archive plan. It shows the extent of the fonds at a glance.

Using a saved search link, the results list download can be used to generate a results list in the form of a CSV file that can be edited locally.

In addition to creating the prototypes, the authors also offered some important suggestions for improving the API. Many thanks for all your hard work!

25.11.2019 Go-Live! Research, digitisation, downloads and advice: online access to the Federal Archives brings all these services together on a single web portal ( From today, it is available to all users. In the medium term, the Federal Archives plan to make all documents available in digital form. To this end, the digitisation structure is being further expanded between now and 2021.

Media release: New online access to the Federal Archives


22.07.2019 After the summer break we’ll be launching the pilot phase, during which we’ll be opening online access up to selected users. In the meantime, we present some figures about the online access (in german):


28.02.2019 - Slowly but surely, our online access service is nearing completion. Check out the following image gallery for some initial impressions direct from our new platform:


Haus 588x368

06.06.2018 - Information about the online access project is now available on the Federal Archives website. This page will be continually updated with project news. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Last modification 04.02.2021

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