SIARD is a software developed by the Federal Archives to simplify archiving of relational databases. It complies with international standards and is used in over 50 countries around the globe. It is provided by the Federal Archives free of charge.

To enable long-term digital archiving of databases independently of their software, the Federal Archives have developed the Software Independent Archiving of Relational Databases (SIARD) solution. It is based on the open SIARD file format and the associated SIARD Suite software. It permits archiving of the following database types:

  • Oracle
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • DB/2
  • Microsoft Access

How does SIARD work?

SIARD Suite extracts content from relational databases and stores it in the archivable SIARD format. This file format enables data to be stored long-term in the archives independently of the original software. If necessary, the data can be loaded into a new database. They can then be stored independently of the original database and used in modern database systems, both now and in the future.

International and national standards

The SIARD format is based on four internationally recognised standards: XML, SQL:2008, UNICODE and ZIP64.
At national level, the eCH association adopted the SIARD format as the eCH standard (eCH-0165: SIARD Format Specification, 1.0 version). The association supports the development and promotion of e-government standards in Switzerland.

The SIARD format description 2.1.1 version can be downloaded here (PDF, 3 MB, 17.02.2020).

 Distribution of SIARD

 SIARD is already being used in the following countries:

Distribution of SIARD Suite

Download SIARD Suite

The Federal Archives make SIARD Suite available free of charge. The full source code of SIARD Suite is published as Open Source (CDDL-License) on Github.

Software Download

If you have any question or by problems, feel free to contact us.

Further informations

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