Package Handler

At the Swiss Federal Archives (SFA), digital documents are archived as information packages. With the Package Handler, the tool developed by the SFA, these digital packages can be viewed, created, edited and validated. The Package Handler can be ordered at the Swiss Federal Archives.

Submitting digital documents

The submitting offices can create Submission Information Packages (SIP) according to current requirements, as well as edit and view them. Data originating from the following systems without an implemented interface ( i.e. not GEVER-Systems) can be processed by means of the Package Handler:

  • Specific applications
  • File repositories
  • Databases

Viewing digital documents

Digital documents, which are delivered as standardized Dissemination Information Packages (DIP), can be viewed with the Package Handler. The Package Handler shows digital dossiers and the documents in their context including the according metadata


Workshops on creating, examining and validating digital packages with the Package Handler take place on a regular basis.

The Package Handler Software

Picture Package Handler, Release 2013

A system overview of the tool with instructions for installation can be found in the user documentation on the right-hand side.
The Swiss Federal Archives distribute the Package Handler free of charge, according to the license agreement (PDF, 141 kB, 28.01.2014). The terms of a license are published on the bottom side.

You can use the following form to order the Package Handler. 

Ordering form

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