Modern Switzerland

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Source: CH-BAR#B0#1000/1483#965*, Seite 483

The inauguration of Switzerland's first central government in 1798 was an important milestone on the road to the Confederation of today. Founded in that year as the Central Archives of the Helvetic Republic, the Swiss Federal Archives contain an abundance of sources on the history of modern Switzerland.

Switzerland is a Confederation. The revolutions of the 18th century in Europe created the political framework for the country's long-term development: from the years prior to 1798 to the creation of the modern Confederation in 1848 and the current political system.

The documents of Switzerland's first central government were held at the "Central Archives of the Helvetic Republic". The Central Archives founded in Bern during the years 1798-1799 have survived every change in politics and administration to become the current Swiss Federal Archives.

Today, they hold historical and contemporary sources that document the creation of the Swiss political system. The development of relations between citizens and the state, its authorities and administration plays a major role in this context.

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