The Swiss economy between market and state

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Source: CH-BAR#E27#1000/721#14095#5178*

Companies in Switzerland have traditionally enjoyed far-reaching liberties. The state has, however, always set politico-economic guide rails.

Switzerland has a largely liberal economic constitution. This means that the state does not become involved in the actual business dealings of companies and corporations. The Swiss Federal Archives contain many documents on Switzerland's politico-economic history, from legislation processes and areas in which the Confederation fulfils obligatory supervision duties to those areas of business that are subject to governmental control in the form of subventions and intervention.

Three subject areas illustrate the Confederation's politico-economic activities:

  • Agriculture as an example of the political influence of business and industrial associations.
  • The predominantly socio-political role of the protection of workers.
  • The primacy of the market over the state in financial services segment.

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