History of transport in Switzerland

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Source: E27#1000721#14095#137*

An overview of transport development in Switzerland: from shipping to railway construction to the dawn of aviation.

For many centuries, ships were the most important form of transporting goods and persons over long distances. Railways then replaced shipping in this function during the late 19th century. Railway construction represented a central factor in the development of today's modern industry and service-oriented society. Switzerland's tourism industry also has its beginnings in the 19th century. Many tourists rushed to the summits with native mountain guides. Numerous hotels and mountain railways were built as a consequence of this development. Finally, Switzerland's aviation industry launched its first flights at the start of the 20th century. The big breakthrough took place after the Second World War.

The following provides a rough overview of:

  • The historic development of railways, aviation and shipping.
  • The tasks and activities of the Confederation in relation to developing and operating the transport network and other facilities of public transport in Switzerland.

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