Information Preservation Division (IPD)

The division ensures that information is preserved securely and completely. It acts as the contact for clients in the Federal Administration and the public at large on matters relating to information management and archiving, and provides them with advice and support throughout the information lifecycle. The division also runs training courses in electronic records and process management (GEVER) and digital archiving.

The Information Preservation Division (IPD) is organised into three services with the following tasks:

Information Management Services (IMS)

  • Providing information management support and advice to clients
  • Appraising the archival value of documents
  • Auditing information management at offices that are obliged to offer records

Information Transfer Services (ITS)

  • Transferring, cataloguing and preserving documents of archival value (digital and analogue archive records)
  • Advising and supporting transferring offices with regard to transfers

Data Archiving Services (DAS)

  • Operating the data archiving infrastructures
  • Preserving digital archive records
  • Developing new archiving solutions


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Swiss Federal Archives

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