Information Access Division (IAD)

The division ensures that archive records can be properly accessed. It allows people to view archive records, gives advice on search methods and carries out searches on request. The Information Access Division is also responsible for ensuring that the documents in the Swiss Federal Archives (SFA) are properly stored and digitalised.

The Information Access Division (IAD) is organised into three services with the following tasks:

Records Delivery Services (RD)

  • Carries out order processing and ensures the smooth running of the reading room
  • Digitalises archive records for distribution and conservation purposes
  • Ensures the proper conservation of analogue archive records
  • Manages storage capacity and use of magazines

Resource Discovery Services (RDS)

  • Supports and advises customers in search activities
  • Processes requests for consultation and commercial use
  • Develops and manages SFA's information services
  • Develops and manages digital access to SFA's archive records

Historical Analysis Services (HAS)

  • Compiles historical analyses and reports for the Federal Administration
  • Conducts searches at the request of the public
  • Participates in selected historical and social science research projects


Swiss Federal Archives

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Swiss Federal Archives

Archivstrasse 24
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