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In addition to Swiss Archives and Amtsdruckschriften, there are a range of other specialised databases that can be used for topic searches in the fonds of the Federal Archives. A number of databases that are not available online can also be consulted in the reading rooms.

Online searches can be carried out in the following databases containing documents from the Federal Archives:

  • Memobase is a database of the Association for the preservation of the audiovisual heritage of Switzerland (Memoriav). It can be used for searches in the audiovisual collections that Memoriav has helped to preserve. Some of the audiovisual source materials from the Federal Archives can be searched for in this database and viewed on site.
  • Dodis is the database of the “Diplomatic Documents of Switzerland (Dodis)” research and publication project. It contains documents and information on individuals and organisations related to Switzerland’s foreign policy.

  • The Archives Portal Europe (APE) is a European archive database containing finding aids and holdings guides from archival institutions in more than 30 European countries. As well as shared access to Europe’s archives, the portal also offers specific search functions and general information on all of the participating institutions.
    Access to the online database is unrestricted. 


The following databases can be accessed in the Federal Archives reading rooms:

  • Fonoteca: The Swiss National Sound Archives sound stations offer access to their digitised audio fonds. An overview of the documents can be found in the Fonoteca catalogue.
  • FaroWeb is the database of German-language Swiss television (SRF), offering direct access to the programmes that have so far been digitised.
  • Ancestry is an international genealogy database. It can be used, for example, to track migration movements since the 18th century. The database can be accessed from our PC stations in the reading room.

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