Strategy 2016 - 2020

The Swiss Federal Archives’ strategy for the years 2016 - 2020 is a logical continuation of the transformation to a digital archive begun in 2006. The focus now shifts from creating a digital repository and developing digital archiving processes for safeguarding and transfer, to expanding online access.  

1. Coherent archive formation

Objective: The Federal Archives will archive all information that is of government policy importance.

Coherent archive formation / appraisal: In consultation with those affected, the Federal Archives will ensure that the correct – i.e. relevant – information (data, records, documents, etc.) is archived so that actions of government which are of long-term importance are coherently documented.

Supporting information management: The Federal Archives will assist the federal administration in efficiently managing its own information and exploiting its added value. In so doing, the Archives will create a basis for the efficient conduct of administration and guarantee transparency over the long term.

2. Secure information preservation

Objective: Archived information, both analogue and digital, will be preserved intact and in a usable form.

Transfer/safeguarding: The Federal Archives will accept all information that is of archival value and secure it automatically as far as possible.

Preservation and conservation: The information in the Federal Archives will remain intact and usable over the long term.

Long-term storage/ digital archiving for third parties: The Federal Archives will also offer their expertise, services and infrastructure for the storage and archiving of information to third parties.

3. Information infrastructure

Objective: All interested parties will be able to access and process information from the Archives at any time and wherever they are.

Public digital information infrastructure: All interested parties will be able to research information on the Archives’ platform independently and, where the law allows, access it directly in order to evaluate and process it.

Exploitation: The Federal Archives will carry out their own research into key topics, in particular related to the administration sciences, and offer aids to the digital exploitation of sources. In so doing, they will expand knowledge of the development of administration and of the archived fonds.

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